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Passive Solar Collectors-PHAS Series


The PHA series solar collector is designed with simplicity in mind; produce heat and transfer it directly to the intergraded tank with no pumps or additional parts. The tank also includes a copper coil-heat exchanger to tie into pressurized lines, allowing also the use of a food safe glycol for year-round use application. This method of heating the liquid directly is much more efficient and cost effective.


The PHA collector is a stand-alone module specially designed and made for colder Northern Climates and works up to -55C (-67F). This is achieved through the combination of our advanced borosilicate glass vacuum tubes, specialized heat pipes and specifically designed/ integrated insulated storage tank to obtain the maximum heat output, transfer and efficiency.

The available tank sizes ranges from 60L (16Gal) to 350L (92Gal). These collectors are manufactured from food grade stainless steel and the inner 15 meter copper coil is used as the heat exchanger. The frame is completely manufactured from extruded aluminum; durable & strong.


  • Domestic Hot Water (Year Round) for residential and commercial applications

  • Specially designed for dairy farms!

Standard Features of the PHA-Series Solar Collectors

  • Highly efficient heat pipe technology

  • No water introduced into vacuum tube

  • No sealing rubber is needed, hence, no leaking problems

  • The available size of the tank ranges from 90L to 350L.

  • Anti-freeze (Able to withstand Northern Weather, min. -54C)

  • Long Lasting: all PHPA Series solar collectors’ manifolds are 100% stainless steel

  • Rust Free: the frame is completely made from extruded aluminum.

  • Low Pressure Drop: all connections to the collectors are 1/2” or 3/4" diameter; therefore low pressure drop is achievable.

  • Easy To Install: Light weight and quick installation times for multiple collectors

  • Specifications: - 35 Vacuum tube collector,- Output 10,500 BTU’s per hour,

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