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About North American Solar Solutions

Our Canadian Company is an alternative energy company that manufactures, designs and engineers alternative energy products for our distributors world wide. In North America N.A.S.S specializes in Heat Ex-Changers, Solar Thermal and DC Pump systems.


North American Solar Solutions supplies complete units and service parts in North & South America. All the units are manufactured under ISO, Key mark, SRCC, CSA, UL & CE specifications or as marked.


À propos des Solutions Solaires Nord-Américaines



Notre Compagnie Canadienne est une compagnie d'énergie alternative qui fabrique, conçoit et conçoit des produits d'énergie alternative pour nos distributeurs dans le monde entier. En Amérique du Nord, N.A.S.S se spécialise dans les échangeurs thermiques, les systèmes solaires thermiques et les pompes à courant continu.

North American Solar Solutions fournit des unités complètes et des pièces de rechange en Amérique du Nord et du Sud. Toutes les unités sont fabriquées selon les spécifications ISO, Key mark, SRCC, CSA, UL et CE ou comme marquées.



North American Solar Solutions was founded in 2007 but didn't surface to the public until May 16th 2009. 


The early stages of the company was done by researching different technologies and contacting hundreds of existing solar and manufacturing companies and learning the pro’s and con’s of materials and designs all to create the blue prints on the best product line which exists today. 


North American Solar Solutions has been playing a big role in educating the public about the new solar technologies on the market. Currently North American Solar Solutions has attended The Farm Show, The Cottage Show, two Free Information Sessions at Cranberry Village, Free Information Session at Store 54 and CANsia (Canadian Association of Solar Industries).


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