North American Solar Solutions is an alternative energy company that manufactures designs and engineers alternative energy products for Canada, United States, Caribbean and Spain. In North America, NASS specializes in solar thermal using evacuated tube technology to produce heat of offset heating costs. In other countries such as in the Caribbean NASS specializes in off-grid solar photovoltaic systems to provide electricity for personal houses and resorts and government buildings.

Having already established distribution centers in key areas across the world, including many parts of North and South America, North American Solar Solutions is looking to source new distributors and partners throughout Canada and the United States.  

Seeking New Distributors & Companies in the following fields:

Certified Distributors have multiple benefits that range from technical and installation support to product discounts. Distributors are their own individual companies; NASS provides the initial training, products, product discounts, technical support, product warranty and forwards installations in the area. It is the distributor’s job to have its own insurance and installation crew.

We strongly believe that in-depth training is the key. When individuals and companies are not properly educated many things can go wrong and strongly affects other people’s views on the alternative energy market. When a client asks questions on how a product works everyone should be able to explain it and calculate exactly what they need, when your client has to wait you’ve already lost the confidence of your client. Each and every Distributor attends a standard 3 day training course. Training courses occur every 2-3 months and locations vary.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact our head office;


North American Solar Solutions
Office: 1-(705) 999-2105
Postal Code: N0H 1J0
Address: RR2 LOT 28 CON 8 #496773,
Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada

Head Office
North American Solar Solutions
RR 2 Lot 28 Con 8 # 496773
Clarksburg, Ontario
N0H-1J0, Canada
Phone: (705) 999-2105