VTC200-A Solar Collector
The SPS series is a full basic package that includes all the key components to install a solar domestic hot water system that includes a; Wilo Pump Station, NASS HPC Solar Collector, NASS SPT storage tank with built in heat exchanger(s).

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The HPC series is our best selling year round solar collector, this collector is the backbone for any year round residential or industrial application. Fully manufactured under CSA, UL, SRCC specifications. This collector produces over 2kw in full sunlight!

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The VTC-200 is a non pressurized solar collector that is specially built with high grade stainless steel. This collector is typically built for seasonal pools applications, or year round applications in warmer climates.

  •   20x1.8M Tubes
  •   45 Degree Frame (depending on location and distribution center)
  •   Insulated stainless steel manifold, 1" male connections

  •   Clorine pools
  •   Year round DHW installations (warmer climates)
  •   Larger industrial applications (warmer climates)
  •   Salt water must be on closed loops

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The L series is our basic gravity fed system perfect for off grid cottages without any existing hydro and plumbing. The L series has a fully insulated tank, the tank is made up of a 304b food grade stainless steel and aluminum racking system so that it will look the same for many years to come.
LS Solar Collectors (Gravity Fed)
The PH system is perfect for seasonal cottages that use town water or have an existing domestic hot water tank or none at all. The PH system has a coil which acts as a heat exchanger. This system heats up the liquid inside the tank, and cold water flows through the coil, heating up as it passes through the coil. You can change the flow rate to reach the desired
temperature if required.
The PHA series solar collector is designed with simplicity in mind; produce heat and transfer it directly to the
integrated tank no pumps or funny business. The tank also includes a copper coil heat exchanger for tying into
pressurized lines allowing use of a food safe glycol for year round use applications.

This method of heating directly the water is much more efficient and cost effictive.


  •   Domestic Hot Water (Year Round) for residential and commercial applications
  •   Specially designed for dairy farms!

PHA Solar Collectors (Pressure System)
VTC400-A Solar Collector
The VTC 400 series solar collector is designed  an non-pressurized solar collector and specially built as an drain back system.

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PHS Solar Collectors (Pressure System)
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