Agriculture & Industrial Applications


- Dairy Farms
- Industrial 
- Car-wash/Laundromats
- Apartment buildings
- Hotel & Motels


​Solar thermal is the best investment of any of the renewable energy options when there is a need for large volumes of hot water. It provides a safe, reliable and clean form of energy for a variety of hot water uses in diverse applications. 

North American Solar Solutions solar collectors have been proudly producing solar hot water throughout the world for thousands of homes, buildings and industrial applications. 

Agricultural, dairy and other food processing plants are using solar thermal to supplement their daily hot water needs for washing, sanitizing, sterilizing and cooking. Dairy farms, wineries and breweries are classic examples.

Solar thermal collectors are also being used to preheat water for boilers in a number of industrial applications. Commercial establishments such as restaurants, Laundromats and car washes are other examples of applications where solar thermal is providing long term energy savings.

The ideal candidate for effective use of solar thermal energy supply is a factory or facility that has daily process heating water requirements throughout the year and does not have sufficient waste heat from other processes to use.

These are just a couple of examples of North American Solar Solutions collector agricultural and process heating installations.


• Cheap and reliable warming solution with simple structure and easy installation 
• Could be used in any climate
• High efficiency with daily average efficiency higher than 80-85%

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